USB Connection & Capture Service Guide for Windows

This document is a simple guide for how to connect to the  2X DroidDesktop with a USB connection and how to enable the screenshot feature on non-rooted phones.

To do this you first need to follow the next steps precisely and carefully:

Download ADB Tool

Please click the following download link to download the ADB tool and USB driver, and extract it to your local drive. This article assumes that you will extract  the file  to X:\ADB_WIN/ for convenience.

ADB Tool (Windows): http://rwd.xdevelop.net/download/usb/ADB_WIN.zip

Installing the USB Driver for Windows

If you have already installed the USB driver for your Android phone, please ignore  the Windows Vista/7 and windows XP steps completely and go to the

Turn on USB Debugging on your Android Phone part of this turorial.

OEM USB drivers can be found here: http://developer.android.com/sdk/oem-usb.html

Windows Vista/7

To install the Android USB driver on Windows  7/Vista for the first time:

  1.  Connect your Android-powered device to your computer’s USB port. Windows will detect the device and launch the “Found New Hardware wizard”.
  2.  Select “Locate and install driver software.”
  3.  Select “Don’t search online.”
  4.  Select “I don’t have the disk. Show me other options.”
  5.  Select “Browse my computer for driver software.”
  6.  Click “Browse…” and locate the folder where you extracted the ADB tool package (X:\ADB_WIN\usb_driver\). As long as you specified the exact location, you may leave “Include sub-folders”  checked or unchecked at this point it doesn’t matter.
  7.  Click “Next.” Windows Vista/7 may prompt you to confirm the privilege elevation required for driver installation. Confirm it.
  8.  When Vista asks if you’d like to install the Google ADB Interface device, click “Install” to install the driver.

Windows XP

To install the Android USB driver on Windows XP for the first time:

1. Connect your Android-powered device to your computer’s USB port. Windows will detect the device and launch the “Hardware Update Wizard”.
2. Select “Install from a list or specific location” and click “Next.”
3. Select “Search for the best driver in these locations”;  uncheck “Search removable media”; and check “Include this location in the search.”
4. Click “Browse…” and locate the folder where you extracted the ADB tool package (X:\ADB_WIN\usb_driver\).
5. Click “Next” to install the driver.

Turn on USB Debugging your Android Phone.

Go to Menu > Settings> Applications > Development (or Settings>Developer Options depending on your Android OS version) on your phone, and turn on the “USB debugging” option

Connect Remote Web Desktop through ADB Tool

    1.  Turn on 2X DroidDesktop on your phone and specify a port (e.g. 8999) for it.
    2.  Click the “Start Server” button to start the Web Desktop server. It will show a status text similar to ‘Open http://xxx.xxx.xxx.x:8999 in browser’.
    3.  Connect your Android phone to your computer’s USB port.
    4.  On your computer, go to the “X:\ADB_WIN\” folder, double click “connect.bat”  to run the file. Input the port you specified in the 2X DroidDesktop and then you will be  prompted to visit ‘http://localhost:port/”in your browser.
    5. Open your browser and type the URL shown in the command prompt as above and you will connect to 2X DroidDesktop.

    6. Insert your Password (which you specified in the “Password:” section of the 2X DroidDesktop App on your device, Press “OK” and you will be logged in

Install  the Capture Service on a Non-Rooted Phone

  1. Connect your android  phone to your computer with a USB cable.
  2. On your computer, go to the ” X:\ADB_WIN\” folder and  double click “install_capture_service.bat” to run it.
  3. You will get a message prompt  like the above. After that  you can close the prompt  and unplug your USB cable.You can also keep the USB cable connected if you want, but it is not necessary.
  4. Login to 2X DroidDesktop through your  computer browser, open the  Screenshot app window.You can now take screenshots from your  non-rooted phone.
  5. Please note that you need to  re install the capture service again if you restart your phone.


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