USB Connection Guide for 2X DroidDesktop (MAC & Linux)

This document is a simple guide for how to connect to 2X DroidDesktop with a USB connection and how to enable the screenshot feature on non-rooted phones using a  Mac Personal Computer .  The guide was created on Mac OS but the procedure should be very similar in Linux.

Download the  ADB Tool

Please click the following download links to download the ADB tool and USB drivers, and extract the zip folders to your local drive.

ADB Tool (MAC): http://rwd.xdevelop.net/download/usb/adb_mac.zip

ADB Tool (Linux) : http://rwd.xdevelop.net/download/usb/adb_linux.zip

Turn on USB Debugging on the Phone

Go Menu > Setting s> Applications > Development (or Settings>Developer Options depending on your Android OS version) on your phone, and turn on the “USB debugging” option:

Connect 2X DroidDesktop through the ADB Tool

  1. Turn on 2X DroidDesktop on your phone and specify a port (e.g. 8999) for it.
  2. Click the  “Start Server” button to start the DroidDesktop server. It will show a status text similar to “Open http://xxx.xxx.xxx.x:8999 in browser”.
  3. Connect your Android phone to your computer’s USB port.
  4. Open the Terminal application
  5. Run cd the adb_mac or adb_linux folder, you need specify the full path of adb_mac, such like “cd /Usrs/John/downloads/adb_mac/”
  6. Grant permission 777 to adb and connect.sh files (only needed the first time), you can run  “chmod 777 *.*” under the ad_mac or ad_linux folder
  7. Run “./connect.sh 8999″, 8999 is the port set in 2X DroidDesktop on the phone in your server settings.
  8. If you get this error: “Device is not connected or USB debugging not enabled”, please turn on USB debugging on your phone (see the first step, USB Debugging), and re-connect the USB cable.
  9. It will open the default browser and open  DroidDesktop through http://localhost:8999 as the above screenshot shows.
  10. Type in your password and you will be logged in.

Install Capture Service on a Non-Rooted Phone

  1. Connect your phone to the computer with a  USB cable.
  2. Start the Terminal app.
  3. Run cd the adb_mac or adb_linux folder, you will  need to specify the full path of adb_mac, for example “cd /Usrs/John/downloads/adb_mac/”
  4. Grant permission 777 to adb and install_cap_service.sh files (only need at the first time), you can run “chmod 777 *.*” under the ad_mac or ad_linux folder
  5.  Run “./install_cap_service.sh” to install the capture service
  6. You will get a message prompt like the one above and then you can close  the window and unplug your USB cable.You also can keep the USB cable plugged, but you don’t have to.
  7. Login to  2X DroidDesktop and open the  Screenshot window, you can now take screenshots from your non-rooted phone.
  8.  Please notice that you need to  re-install the capture service again if you restart your phone.



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