Bridge Mode Guide

Bridge mode is an important feature of 2X DroidDesktop. Using Bridge mode all users can access your phone from any place in the world now (if they have the right credentials that is) and it fully supports 3G connections as well.

Bridge mode is still in Beta Mode but it is stable enough to work with most phone configurations out there.

Creating the Bridge and Logging in 2X DroidDesktop

    1. Start the Remote Web Desktop application on your Android Phone and tick the  check box  “Bridge Mode”
    2. Fill in your email address or any email address you want  for that matter (since this will be used for authentication in Bridge Mode) and a password that will also be used in authentication. After you  set these settings tap the “Start Server” button to start creating the bridge.
    3. once the bridge is created you will see a message on your phone screen prompting you to go to bridge.3cxdroiddesktop.com  Open your web browser on your computer and navigate to that link.
    4. Once there insert the email address that you used during the creation of the bridge earlier (step 2) and press go
    5. In the next screen insert your password (also from step 2) press “OK” and you will be logged in to 2X DroidDesktop.

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