2X MDM – Remote Control Your Android Phone from Your Desktop

2X MDM is a popular remote desktop app for Android which makes it easier for users to access their files, documents, photos, camera, and allows them to make calls, send text messages and view the system logs of the device directly from within their web browser anywhere in the world securely, even if the device is on another network.

2X MDM – Remote Control Your Android Features:

  • Connect to your device even if it’s not with you on the same network.
  • Organise, upload and download your devices files with the File Explorer.
  • View the pictures, video and music stored in your device through a web browser.
  • View, edit and add to your contacts and create groups.
  • View your call history and call duration.
  • Send text messages to contact groups.
  • View all your text messages and organise them easily.
  • Receive a notification in your browser when you’ve received a new text message.
  • Use your Android device as a webcam and stream video or take pictures using both the front and rear phone cameras.
  • Upload new wallpaper images to your smartphone.
  • Paste text into your browser and see it appear on your smartphone.
  • Use the Wi-Fi Keyboard feature to write content directly to your smartphone from your browser.

Whether you need to control your device’s SMS, contacts and files remotely, check where it currently is and where its been before, review data/call stats or instantly secure it, this app does it all with a killer UI experience to match!

2X MDM – Remote Control Your Android


2X MDM – Remote Control Your Android


Manage, secure and track your Android, iOS phones and Windows laptops under one hood with a free 2X MDM account.