Virtualization Benefits


2X Remote Application Server delivers virtual desktops and applications from a central location, providing continuous high availability, resource-based load balancing and complete end-to-end network transparency for administrators. With 2X RAS deliver applications & desktops to remote users and mobile devices through VDI & RDS seamlessly & securely. Easy to configure and install, it can be setup in less than 5 minutes.

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 2X RAS v14 - Discover Reporting And Network Load Balancing

What can 2X RAS do for you?

  • Allows applications to run in environments that do not suit the native application.
  • Delivers Microsoft Office applications on iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Chromebook.
  • End user works seamlessly on applications and files on any device.
  • Secure and control your data at server and user level.
  • Reduces cost linked to updating and maintenance of applications & desktops.
  • Centralizes reporting and improves the control and tracking of license usage.
  • Clientless access from any HTML5 browser with the HTML5 gateway.
  • Security: data never leave the server but are accessible on any device.
  • Publishing any resource to any user on any device is a matter of a few clicks.
  • Enhance features by leveraging Windows server and user technologies.
  • 2X RDP Client runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and several other platforms.
  • Print & scan from any device, on any printer/scanner with Universal printing and scanning.
  • Supports one time code authentication such as DeepNet and SafeNet.
  • Optimize your computing resources with smart load balancing.
  • Provides a consistent experience, no matter the outage with High Availability Load Balancing.
A central point of management to keep your business up and running securely and effortlessly. 2X RAS avoids unnecessary consumption of resources, resources can be delivered to users simultaneously without affecting performance. It transforms complexity into simplicity; with the drag and drop functionality, delivering resources and data does not get any easier.