Remove Server Bottlenecks

The 2X Reporting Engine is a comprehensive solution that collects and organizes key metrics from RDS and VDI environments. It provides extensive visibility of end-user activity, licensing trends, application usage, and server performance.

 2X RAS v14 - Discover Reporting And Network Load Balancing
  • Transform Data Into Business Value. The reporting console has 14 pre-canned reports that gather information from VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix hypervisors.
  • Remote Users Support. Support your remote workforce better, by understanding their needs.
  • Group Behavior Analysis. Observe your team, divided into Active Directory groups.
  • Identify Non-standard Behavior. Highlight the use of applications not directly connected to group activity.
  • Improve The End-user Experience. Identify who has the most significant impact on your network.
  • Client Inventory. Create a migration plan for your devices, by knowing the OS and version of all connected devices.
  • Secure Your Remote Connections. By monitoring the 2X RDP Client version used.
  • Forecast Your Hardware Needs. Based on historical statistics.
2X Software makes it simple, sparing you the long and tedious hours required to install and configure the other solutions available. Moreover, the software is included in the 2X RAS standard license. 2X RAS Reporting is the best in class for Total Cost of Ownership.