Desktop Management Tools With 2X RAS


It is challenging to manage a workforce remotely. Desktop management tools facilitate the automated administration of workstations and support provided to end users. The standard tools used to support and control an office-based workforce do not meet the demands of managing mobile workers.By eliminating time-consuming manual activities, IT managers can improve security and performance mobility.


 2X RAS v14 - Discover Reporting And Network Load Balancing

Why Desktop Management Tools?

  • Unified solution to manage all platforms
  • Desktop shadowing to troubleshoot workstations remotely
  • Mass deploy configuration securely
  • Detailed inventory of devices
  • Detailed workforce history
  • Monitor app, session and data usage statistics

Windows Client Management

With the increasing importance of mobile devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, unified endpoint management is becoming more critical. This does not only involve management of the devices themselves, but also understanding and managing applications.

2X RAS desktop shadowing provides real-time visibility over Windows clients, allowing administrators to fully control Windows desktops. It can perform both in small environments with less than 100 users as well as in enterprise-scale environments.


But we didn’t stop there. Also replace the Windows Desktop with the 2X RDP Client, to convert the Windows operating system into a thin-client-like OS.