Why Citrix Partners Prefer To Move To Parallels

In IT, competition is becoming more aggressive every day. Organizations of all sizes are paying extra attention to price comparisons and offers in order to gain the best return on their investment. Many may refrain from fully implementing a desired solution because of budget constraints. With its unique features, Parallels Remote Application Server is the perfect partner in any negotiation. In many cases, it is a better technical solution when compared to Citrix, and the price advantage is unbeatable. With Parallels Remote Application Server, discover new opportunities for your company: an enterprise solution for the small- and medium-sized business market. Unlock the market with an outstanding product at a very affordable price.
  • Competitive – Resellers with lower Citrix discounts (not golden or platinum partners) can win tenders when competing with higher level partners. Parallels is an alternative solution to Citrix, as clients do not always have large amounts of ready cash. Parallels products are also easy to set up with no need for outsourcing.
  • Configuration – To build a complete virtualization and application delivery solution that has the same functionality as Parallels Remote Application Server, administrators have to use several different Citrix products, since Citrix do not provide complete solutions similar to Parallels Remote Application Server.


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  • Maintenance – Parallels products are easy to maintain and configure, the end user quickly becoming autonomous, reducing the need for the reseller’s intervention and tech support.
  • Renewals – At >90%, the performance of Parallels with regard to renewals is one of the best in the IT arena, ensuring constant revenue from the customer install base.
  • Inexpensive – As Parallels Remote Application Server is an all-in-one product, hardware and software configuration and management are less expensive.
  • Cost-effective – Citrix  is expensive compared to Parallels. Parallels makes resellers much more competitive.
  • Certification – Citrix certification is complex and expensive. It is mandatory to use a certified installer to have access to Citrix support. Parallels certification is free and easy to obtain
A Citrix partner is often squeezed between market requests and the limitations of Citrix licensing. Parallels offers Citrix partners a way to beat the competition, with a solution having outstanding performance at a fraction of the cost.