2Xpert Self Study – Part 1


Section 1- Introduction to 2X Remote Application Server

1. What is 2X Remote Application Server and How Does Work?
2. About this Document
3. What is new in Version 12?


Section 2- Installing 2X Remote Application Server

4. System Requirements
5. Installing and Configuring 2X Remote Application Server


Section 3- Getting Started with 2X Remote Application Sever

6. 2X Remote Application Server Console
7. Setting up an SMB Environment


Section 4- Sites and Administrators

8. Sites and Management
9. Administrators: Adding, Managing and Configuring


Section 5- Terminal Servers

10. Adding a Terminal Server
11. Installing the 2X Terminal Server Agent Manually
12. Configuring a Terminal Server
13. Grouping Terminal Servers
14. Publishing a Desktop from a Terminal Server
15. Publishing and Configuring an Application from a Terminal Server
16. Publishing a Document from a Terminal Server


Section 6- VDI Hosts

17. Adding a VDI Host
18. Installing the VDI Agent Manually
19. Installing an Appliance and Configuring a VDI Host
20. Configuring and Managing Pools
21. Configuring and Managing 2X Templates for Guest Clones
22. Persistent Guests
23. Publishing a Virtual Desktop from a Guest
24. Publishing an Application from a Guest
25. Publishing a Document from a Guest


Section 7- Remote PC’s

26. Adding a Remote PC
27. Installing the 2X Remote PC Agent Manually
28. Configuring a Remote PC
29. Publishing a Desktop, Application and Document from a Guest


Section 8- Publishing and Filtering

30. Managing Published Applications
31. Managing Published Desktops
32. Managing Published Documents
33. Managing Published Folders
34. Filtering Rules by User, Client, IP, MAC and Gateway


Section 9- 2X Secure Client Gateways

35. 2X Secure Client Gateway and Types
36. Adding a 2X Secure Client Gateway
37. Manually Adding a 2X Secure Client Gateway
38. Managing 2X Secure Client Gateway
39. Gateway Tunnelling Policies


Section 10- 2X RAS Portal

40. Prerequisites and installation
41. Logging into the Administrative Page
42. Farm Settings
43. General Settings