Parallels Remote Application Server Reporting & Monitoring

Businesses of all sizes need to monitor performance and user activity on their remote desktop servers. Understanding server health is critical to designing and maintaining a high-performance infrastructure. The reporting engine transforms data into reports that assist organizations to make the right decision at the right time.

Monitoring And Reporting

The Parallels Reporting Engine is a comprehensive reporting and monitoring solution that collects and consolidates key metrics from all of the RDS & VDI  servers in your environment.

Providing you with easy-to-run and schedule reports showing user activity, server health check, licensing trends, application usage, and performance.

 2X RAS v14 - Discover Reporting And Network Load Balancing

Group Behaviour Analysis

Analyse the dynamics of your team by group, thanks to the integration with Active Directory.

Identify non-standard behavior, highlighting the use of applications not directly connected to group activity.

Improve the end-user experience, by identifying who has the most significant impact on your network.