Easily Boot from Any PC or Device

Its simplicity makes 2XOS one of the world’s most user-friendly operating systems, allowing user access to apps, virtual desktops and the Internet from PCs, laptops and thin client devices, and easily installing to USB devices, CDs and local hard drives.

Simple Conversion

With 2XOS, you can convert any PC, netbook, notebook, thin client or other device to a cloud client able to access applications and desktops remotely, through a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Integration with 2X ClientManager

With the 2X ClientManager module for 2X ApplicationServer XG PLUS you can now centrally manage user connections, thin client devices and convert PCs into Thin Clients with 2XOS from within 2X ApplicationServer XG.

Direct Access

Access web applications, virtual desktops and published applications directly from where you need them, removing the need to install locally.

Intuitive Interface

A straightforward interface allows for simple administrator control, making 2XOS extremely simple to use.

Easy Installation

2XOS can be installed to USB devices, CDs or local hard drives, providing an effective way to access published applications on the go.

Hardware Compatibility

2XOS is compatible with a wide variety of hardware platforms; a full list is available here.


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