Mobile Device Tracking

Locate employees, track their routes, send locations on a map and monitor the status of each mobile device with 2X MDM.

Find and Track Lost or Stolen Mobile Devices

As many as 10,000 phones are reported stolen each month in the UK alone. When a device is lost or stolen, the cost of replacing the hardware is the smallest issue. Sensitive corporate data is also lost or exposed. 2X MDM uses Google Maps to help you find a lost mobile.

You can find and track mobile devices with 2X MDM leverages Google Maps, allowing you to supervise staff movements on the dashboard in real time. You can give road directions to employees, see the routes they are taking and monitor the status of each device. Research has clearly shown that employees work far more efficiently when they know their movements are being monitored.

Show Your Employees Exactly Where You Want Them To Go

Pinpoint any location within Bing Maps from the 2X MDM dashboard and send your employees the location as a message. When employees open the message, their Bing Maps app shows them the exact location, thus making it easier for them to find their next destination.

Improve Your Customer Service

Tracking employee positions also improves customer service and response time. For example, you can avoid vague answers to customers inquiring when your employee will arrive at their location by knowing exactly where they are at all times. Also, if a customer needs something urgently, 2X MDM shows you which available employee is closest and therefore you can reroute them accordingly and save valuable time.