Manage, Deploy & Block Apps MDM

Easy Remote App Management

How long will it take you to get all of your staff to install an app on their smartphone, tablet and notebook? Not only will this take a great deal of time, but you may find that some users have trouble installing the app, meaning you will need to assist them, which takes up even more company time. With mobile device management, you can easily trigger an app to install remotely to any number of connected devices without the hassle, as you don’t need to involve your employees in the process of searching for the app on a store, or of entering a URL in a browser to download an install file.

Direct App Deployment to Bypass Google Play

Do you have confidential applications that you don’t want to upload to Google Play? For example, a corporate IT department might want to distribute a private app to employees. Maybe you want to run a private beta of your app before uploading it. 2X MDM allows you to directly install your Android apps to single or multiple devices, therefore bypassing the need to upload them to a public forum, such as Google Play.

Application Repository

How can you save time when installing apps to a mobile device? The Application Repository within 2X MDM stores all your chosen apps, making it easy to install them on individual or groups of devices. If you have a new app that you would like your entire sales team to start using, it can be distributed to every individual member simultaneously with just a few mouse clicks. This is especially handy when you have to set up a new device as it saves time and avoids repetitive downloads.

Review Installed Apps, Find Malware and Objectionable Apps

Do you know what apps your employees have installed on your mobile devices? 2X MDM shows you what apps are on each device. You can also review which version of the app is running to ensure your employees are up to date. Once you identify rogue apps, such as porn apps, you can take action to avoid employees wasting their time or data plan limits on apps that eat up bandwidth.

Block and Remove Rogue Malware Apps

Have your employees inadvertently downloaded rogue apps to your mobile devices? Some apps contain malware and they have been known to send sensitive data, such as credit card details or contact information, to a server. Control which apps are used on all of your connected devices with 2X MDM. Block the installation of harmful applications using Blacklists and remotely remove unauthorized apps completely in order to increase mobile device security.