2X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services / Citrix Features and Screenshots

Resource-Based Load Balancing

The 2X LoadBalancer intelligently distributes terminal server loads based upon available resources. By ascertaining terminal servers’ resource usage before establishing a connection, the 2X LoadBalancer is able to determine the optimal terminal server to handle an incoming session. By contrast, Network Load Balancing in Windows Server 2003/2008 simply distributes connections on a round robin basis, independent of available server resources.

Automatic Redundancy and Server Health Checking

The 2X LoadBalancer checks all relevant services before forwarding a connection to a particular server, allowing you to ensure complete terminal server redundancy and includes automatic failover protection for the 2X Publishing Agent and 2X SecureClientGateways in the event of system failure or downtime, providing a completely redundant solution. By contrast, Microsoft Network Load Balancing simply determines if individual servers are connected.

CPU Resource Management

Allocates CPU resources to users efficiently, eliminating CPU spikes and increasing user density per server.

Reconnect Users to Active and Disconnected Sessions

The 2X LoadBalancer checks if a user has an active or disconnected session on any terminal server, and if so, reconnects them to the correct server, removing the need for Windows 2003/2008 R2 Server with Microsoft Session Directory Services.

Firewall-Friendly, End-to-End SSL encryption

When used in SSL Gateway mode with the 2X Client, the 2X LoadBalancer provides end-to-end SSL encryption to your terminal servers, enhancing security and providing a firewall/proxy-friendly solution with true SSL/HTTPS capabilities.

Supports Windows Remote Desktop Services/Windows Terminal Services and Citrix Servers

The 2X LoadBalancer is designed to work with terminal servers (Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition, Windows 2000 Terminal Services, Windows 2003 Terminal Services, Windows 2008/2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services) and Citrix MetaFrame.

Clientless Solution

No client software is necessary; the 2X LoadBalancer integrates with the Remote Desktop Connection client pre-installed on thin clients and workstations.


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