Server Based Computing

How it Works and its Advantages

Server-based computing / Cloud Computing has kicked off the next big wave in
home and business computing. It is offering many benefits including business agility, security, scalability
and reduced administration resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for any size and type of
company. The recent innovations in mobile device and virtualization technologies, including today’s
comprehensive wireless access to high-speed Internet, have all contributed to the acceleration of Cloud

Cloud Computing began with the Public Cloud where a service provider makes resources available to the
public either for free or with a pay as you go model. This can include computing services, applications
and storage. This model is low cost and easy to set up with no need to worry about scalability as you
only pay for what you use. The Public Cloud addressed the needs of the market but it was not tailored
to the needs of individual companies. While it offers many benefits, there are certain applications that
require stricter control over data. This has lead to the evolution of Private Cloud Computing or delivering
IT as a service securely within your own infrastructure.

The Private Cloud is essentially a Cloud Infrastructure that operates solely for a single organization or
where the service access is limited to a specific group of people. Private Cloud Computing is comprised
of networking, server hardware, storage and management tools with Server Virtualization. This is most
often managed internally but also can be hosted externally by a Managed Service Provider (MSP), which
is then known as a Virtual Private Cloud.
This white paper explains Private Cloud computing and its benefits, while comparing the private cloud
to the public cloud. It also touches on how to create a private cloud and leverage its advantages with 2X

Learn More about Cloud Computing

Points covered in the Private Cloud Computing Essentials WhitePaper:

  • About Private Cloud Computing
  • What is Private Cloud Computing
  • Benefits of Private Cloud Computing
  • Creating a Private Cloud
  • Leveraging the Private Cloud with 2X Remote Application Server

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Points covered in the Server Based Computing WhitePaper:

  • What are server based computing?
  • The benefits of server based computing
  • What are thin clients?
  • How does server based computing technology work?

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