2XOS has been designed to provide businesses and end-users with a highly efficient thin client and cloud operating system that integrates with a diverse range of preinstalled connectivity clients including 2X RDP, Citrix ICA, VMware View, VNC and Linux NX. Extremely light-weight, 2XOS can run on virtually any hardware platform without compromising its user friendliness and ease of use.


Postby moeis73 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:00 am

Hi..i download the 2xCCOS in my computer.It's ok...but the problem is the RDP. I already settings the IP for the server.So.in 2x CCOS i use RDP to connect to the server Windows 7.
My problem is the grafik running at the client . Is there any solution in this problem.

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Re: RDP in 2X CCOS

Postby gs » Tue Nov 15, 2011 10:01 am

Hi there,

with regards to 2xCCOS this is replaced by 2xOS (http://www.2x.com/os/downloadlinks/).

Windows7 is not a server OS although it supports remote desktop, however just pro, enterprise and ultimate versions include the remote desktop, NOT home editions. So home editions won't work.

For a standalone thin client check the system preferences (see 2xOS manual - http://www.2x.com/documentation/) and for managed thin clients, mean you use the 2xThinClientServer (requires a 2x license), see display settings (http://www.2x.com/docs/en/manuals/html/ ... erver.html).

Kind regards,
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