2X SecureRemoteDesktop Features

2X SecureRemoteDesktop Features

The Essential Security Solution for your Remote Connection

2X SecureRemoteDesktop is the only product that fully provides users with on-demand, proactive protection against both known and unknown attacks through remote desktop connections, ultimately securing access to your home Windows desktop or laptop. In addition to protecting you from dangerous cyber threats, it also protects your privacy by giving you full control on who can access your desktop or laptop and by notifying you of access activity on your machine. 2X SecureRemoteDesktop is installed on your Windows desktop or laptop and works on all 2X Clients, making it simple to implement and easy to use. This allows you to enjoy secure and private remote access from anywhere, at anytime.

Professional cyber robbery is an increasing trend where an attacker wants to operate within the active user’s session, while not interacting with the user. It’s estimated that cyber crime affects more than 550 million people per year, or more than 15 victims per second! Nowadays, sophisticated hackers are targeting remote desktop sessions in order to steal personal information.

Remote access to personal information is present in an increasing number of households. Mobile users at work, travelling, or simply on the go require remote access to their personal home network which typically contains sensitive information.

Antivirus Protection is Not Enough

Traditional security measures, such as antivirus software, needs to be combined with extra security layers addressing the weak spot – the remote desktop connection, where hackers are constantly trying to steal and manipulate personal data. Any information accessed remotely without the proper protection in place, is an easy target for a brute force attack.

2X SecureRemoteDesktop Features

An attack on your remote desktop connection is based on a simple methodology. First, scan a range of IP addresses, then the scanner looks for open ports usually used by Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and finally an RDP brute force attack is launched using dictionary terms which allows a connection to the attacker.

Protecting your Personal Data, Providing you with Privacy

2X SecureRemoteDesktop creates the 2X Cyber Secure Gateway, protecting the connection between your device and your desktop or laptop. This impenetrable tunnel prevents snoopers, hackers, and ISP‘s from spying on the data transferred across your remote connection such as emails, instant messages, downloads, credit card information and passwords.

The core features included are as follows:

  • Tunneled SSL connectivity
  • 2nd level authentication
  • Security by filtering connection
  • Security warning notifications
  • Access activity audit logs
  • OS independent device connectivity
  • User management & configuration
  • URL / mail redirection

Protect your personal data from a brute force attack on your remote desktop connection!

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