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Upgrading a 2X ThinClientServer Installation

Upgrading 2X ThinClientServer

  1. Start the installation by running the setup file, 2XThinClientServer-setup.EXE. You are advised to backup you current configuration before upgrading to the new version.
Screenshot 88: Backup prompt
  1. Click “Next” to proceed to the License Agreement dialog.
Screenshot 89: Click "Next" to read the EULA
  1. After reading the End-User Licence Agreement (EULA), click “I Agree” to continue with the installation.
Screenshot 90: You must agree to the EULA to continue with the installation
  1. Setup will show you the folder in which 2X ThinClientServer will be installed. This cannot be changed during an upgrade.
Screenshot 91: Install location
  1. If you have multiple network cards or multiple IP addresses on one network card, the setup will ask you for the IP address to which 2X ThinClientServer must bind. Select “All Interfaces” unless you want to exclude a particular network card.
Screenshot 92: Choose the web interface settings
  1. Setup will uninstall the old version of 2XThinClientServer and Install the new version without changing any settings.
Screenshot 93: Installation
  1. Once the setup is complete a few guidelines to configure 2X ThinClientServer are shown.
Screenshot 94: Installation is complete
  1. Click “Finish” to complete the setup and open 2X ThinClientServer.
Screenshot 95: Finalize the upgrade and close the wizard