RDP Vs HDX – ICA – Which one is better for your remote networks?

While remote networks are not new in the IT segment, the increasing number of virtual offices and BYOD networks have made them an inevitable option for business infrastructure in recent times. With technology innovation, businesses … [+]

Parallels Acquires 2X Software

Parallels Acquires 2X Software

Parallels accelerates Development and Delivery of the Easiest Experience for Individuals to Access and Use Applications and Files They Need on Any Device or Operating System Renton, WA, U.S.A and Dallas, TX – Feb. 25, … [+]

What is BYOD

What Is BYOD ? Challenges and Opportunities

What is BYOD – How Secure is Your BYOD Environment? Bring your own device or BYOD is a revolutionary innovation in networking, and it is here to stay. It can broadly be defined as a … [+]

Effectively Monitor & Manage Corporate Apps With 2X MDM

Effectively Monitor & Manage Corporate Apps With 2X MDM

The Challenges of Mobile Corporate Apps It is a challenge to monitor and manage corporate apps on a versatile range of devices. It takes time to deploy CRM and other apps on each device. It … [+]

Phone Lock: Effortlessly And Remotely With 2X MDM

Phone Lock: Effortlessly And Remotely With 2X MDM

The BYOD revolution has brought about a win-win situation for businesses and employees. While employees enjoy the flexibility of using any device from anywhere to access corporate resources, businesses can capitalize on the mobility factor … [+]

mobile workforce management

2X MDM Makes Mobile Workforce Management Easier

Mobile Workforce Management Trends The management of mobile workforces has always been a challenge. The standard tools used to support and control an office-based workforce do not meet the demands of managing mobile workers. Nowadays, … [+]

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Keeping Up With the Mobile BYOD Environment

Following the recent bring your own device (BYOD) trend, market researcher Gartner famously predicted that over “30% of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers by 2016” and 70% of roving professionals will conduct … [+]

2X MDM BYOD Policy - Reinforce Your BYOD Policy With 2X MDM v.8

2X MDM BYOD Policy – Reinforce Your BYOD Policy With 2X MDM v.8

In order to to reduce risk and maximize mobile workforce support, many companies have created a set of rules governing the use of smartphones and tablets in the corporate network. Defining and maintaining a full-fledged … [+]


Efficient Mobility Management with 2X MDM

Significant advancements in mobile technology have instigated a new generation of uses for devices ranging from mobile phones to tablets and now tablet PC’s. Users now have access to fully fledged workstations at their thumb … [+]


Adopt ‘Bring Your Own Device Control’ Before its too Late!

With Android and iOS devices growing 10x quicker than the PC boom during the 80’s, it is crucial now more than ever that measures are taken to efficiently control and administer these devices. Adding further … [+]