Parallels RAS Training

The free online Parallels certification program is designed to boost Parallels Partners’ profitability by giving them the resources and knowledge they need to sell, deploy and support Parallels RAS. Parallels RAS training events provide attendees with valuable … [+]


Enterprise Mobility with Parallels Mobile Device Management

Nowadays, many employees are using mobile devices – such as smartphones or tablets – every day to get work done, often with access to company services. Enterprise mobility refers to this approach, in which more … [+]


Remote Assistance with Parallels RAS Remote Application Server

Parallels RAS Remote Assistance is a convenient way for a technical support team to connect to any remote desktop and walk the user through a solution. The connection uses the Parallels RDP client tunnel to … [+]


Load Balancing

Load balancing is the practice of distributing a workload across multiple servers for improved performance. Network traffic, SSL requests, database queries, or even hardware resources such as memory can be load balanced. In a virtual … [+]


Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect vs Parallels Remote Application Server

Installation & Setup Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect Installing Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect is not a straightforward process and requires a lot of prerequisites. For example, to install and set up a working environment you need to: Install … [+]

citrix alternative

Parallels RAS vs Citrix

Slash IT costs, reduce installation time and boost productivity Parallels Remote Application Server (Parallels RAS) focuses on security, reliability, performance, scalability and user experience, which exceed those of Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop. Citrix has … [+]

VMWare Horizon View vs Parallels Remote Application Server

VMWare Horizon View vs Parallels Remote Application Server

Introduction VMware Horizon View is mainly virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) management software. Version 6 in best deployment can also support virtual applications and remote desktop sessions from Windows Server 2012. It still requires a hypervisor … [+]

RDP client MAC

Why is Parallels RAS the best option for RDP client MAC?

Right from its inception, Apple has been a major contender in the technology segment. While it poses a great challenge for Windows in the desktop OS segment, it owns a major portion of the mobile … [+]

What is Geofencing and how can it help your business?

What is Geofencing and how can it help your business?

Geofencing is a term used mostly in business, referring to the practice of limiting mobile employees to work within a specific geographic area by tracking them via GPS (global positioning system). In terms of software, … [+]

Citrix Workspace Suite

Citrix Workspace Suite features vs Parallels RAS

Citrix offers a range of products that cater to different virtualization needs of business networks. XenApp is a software that virtualizes applications and publishes them to remote users. XenDesktop software lets you deliver virtual desktops … [+]