Citrix XenApp versions

Dealing with multiple Citrix XenApp versions? Try Parallels RAS Web Portal

In today’s cloud era, businesses are required to centrally host desktops and applications for remote users. Citrix has been a pioneer in the virtualization software segment. For 25 years, Citrix has been providing virtualization solutions … [+]


RDP Access From Any HTML5 Browser With The 2X HTML5 Gateway

The Parallels HTML5 Gateway is an add-on which can be used with Parallels Remote Application Server to enable connections from an HTML5-enabled browser. This provides users with the flexibility to connect directly to their remote … [+]

Approved & Tested Hypervisors

Approved & Tested Hypervisors Hypervisors Version VDI Host OS Installation Guide 2X Appliance 2X Templates Native Templates Native Pools VMware vCenter™ Server 5.5.0 Linux 32 / Windows 32 vCenter™ Server VMware vCenter™ Server 5.1.0 Linux … [+]

Parallels excited about recent success at Angelbeat seminars

Parallels excited about recent success at Angelbeat seminars

Parallels is pleased with its participation in the latest event of Angelbeat in Texas, US. Organized by Ron Gerber, CEO of Angelbeat, this event focused on the latest trends in private/public/hybrid cloud architecture, security/compliance and … [+]

Citrix XenApp Plugin

Parallels RAS Web Portal Vs Citrix XenApp Plugin

Mobility, easy-access through any browser and high availability are the three important reasons that make the cloud portal popular in recent times. A cloud portal is a web-based interface that allows users to access corporate … [+]

Citrix XenApp receiver

Why Parallels RDP client makes more sense than Citrix XenApp Receiver

The biggest challenge for today’s enterprise IT is to provide 24/7 access to corporate resources from a range of devices while securing and managing the infrastructure. Closed IT access policies are a thing of the … [+]

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Application Virtualization

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) allows you to deliver application virtualization to remote users in a seamless and easy-to-manage way. It is possible to run applications (isolated from the operating system) on a client system … [+]


iPhone Printing with Parallels RAS

iPhone has been confirmed as market leader for mobile devices with a market share >40%. Apple products are difficult to beat in view of their appealing features and lock-in customer strategy. Parallels RDP Client for … [+]


Mobile Tracking

Advances in mobile technology have extended a smartphone’s uses far beyond placing calls and text messaging. Smartphones have become vital tools for use in both corporate and personal environments. One such tool derives from location-aware … [+]

what is DAAS

What is daas?

One thing that drives innovation into technology is efficiency. The advent of cloud computing technologies brought more efficiency, agility and flexibility to business networks. DaaS is a notable example of this cloud revolution. What is … [+]