2X ApplicationServer XG Features

Virtual Desktop & Application Delivery

Application Server Publishing

Simple Virtual Desktop and Application Delivery

Deliver virtual desktops and applications in a few easy steps using the “wizard-based” setup.

Web Portal for Cloud Computing

Cloud-enable virtual desktops and applications through 2X Cloud Portal for cloud computing, making it possible for users to access them from everywhere.

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Session Isolation

Isolate applications to run as a separate session, without affecting other applications, and unnecessary consumption of resources.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Simplify the management of applications by locating the executable file on the server and using the drag and drop functionality to move the file into the 2X ApplicationServer XG publishing list.

Seamless Integration

Virtual desktops and applications fully integrate with users’ local desktop and taskbar.

Access Rights & Permissions

Give individual permissions to virtual desktops and applications by user, group, IP address, machine name or MAC address.

Latest RDP/RemoteFX Compatibility

Enjoy bidirectional audio, Windows Media Player redirection and more, with a rich, improved user experience through 2X ApplicationServer XG’s integration with Windows Remote Desktop Services/Windows Terminal Services Latest RDP and Microsoft RemoteFX.

WMP Redirection Audio Bitmap Acceleration

File Associations

File types are automatically associated with a corresponding remote application to directly open the remote application on users’ local desktop.

Predefined Application Settings

We have made it easy and added some predefined applications to your publishing list. Publishing apps like Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Network Connections, Display Properties, and many others will only take you a few clicks.

Licensing Management

2X ApplicationServer XG tracks instances where an application is deployed, allowing the administrator to monitor licensing usage.

Load Balancing

2X ApplicationServer XG fully integrates 2X LoadBalancer to offer resource-based load balancing, for memory, CPU or number of sessions, for installations of two or more terminal servers.

More about 2X LoadBalancer

VDI Farm Management & Support


Publish applications and desktops from terminal servers and virtually any hypervisor (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Paralell Virtuozzo Containers and more).

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VDI Pool Management

The Pool management feature offers administrators more flexibility when managing an extensive number of Guests, especially when they are implemented in large company infrastructures. The 2X ApplicationServer XG console provides the framework and tools needed to create and modify a complete Pool Management foundation.

VDI Desktop Template Management

2X ApplicationServer XG can automatically generate and deploy VDI desktops on-demand, using customized 2X Templates. This allows you to automatically create and deploy Guests whenever needed. This implies that you only need to create a virtual desktop once and then you are able to use it for all other users.

Connect to multiple farms and manage Terminal Server, VDI Hosts and more

Automatic VDI Agent Updates

2X Agents can be updated from the centralized 2X console.

Free Appliances

Simple, easy-to-use appliances are available for various VDI hypervisors. Refer to the list of 2X ApplicationServer XG approved hypervisors and choose the specific document for more information on how to connect to your virtual host.

High Scalability & Redundancy

2X ApplicationServer XG’s architecture supports high scalability and fault tolerance and allows administrators to upgrade server capacity, without any down time. 2X ApplicationServer XG’s fault tolerance protection allows for no single point of failure.

Adding Agents to the VDI Farm

Growing your VDI farm is simple, by just adding new 2X Agents. Point and click to include additional terminal server and VDI agents to your farm.

Sites Management

A farm can be divided into multiple sites with each site representing a single location infrastructure. All sites share the same settings and are isolated. Sites can forward users to other sites if an application or desktop is not available on the current site, if the user is already running sessions on a different site, or if a user is geographically closer to another site.


Role Based Administration

Multiple administrators can modify farm settings at the same time. Different administrators can also have different roles and levels of authority within the system. The settings are stored at the master site, then distributed and activated to the others when the settings are applied. Auditing of who made changes to the system, and when they did so, is also available. If two users try to edit the same object, the second user will find the object locked. If a user adds, edits or deletes an object, the change is shown immediately in the second console. When a user starts the console application they will need to enter their credentials.


When multiple administrators are logged on to the 2X ApplicationServer Console, they can communicate with each other by sending messages via the console. Any changes done by administrators are logged and the other administrators are notified in real time. Logged on administrators with full permissions can also remotely log off other administrators via the Administrators dialog box.


All administrator activity is logged for accountability in the Settings Audit tab in the Administration category. The last applied changed by any logged on administrator also shows up in the new Notification Bar available at the bottom left of the 2X ApplicationServer Console.

Easy Backup and Restore of 2X Farm Configuration

The 2X ApplicationServer XG Farm configuration can be easily backed up and restored by using the Import and Export functions in the Backup tab from the Administration category in the 2X ApplicationServer Console.

Comprehensive Support

Our integrated Online Support System and knowledgeable worldwide 2X Support Technicians will be able to assist if issues arise.

Connection, Security & Authentication

Microsoft Active Directory Authentication

Authentication is allowed via Active Directory or Windows Workgroups. This ensures that every single client authenticates against 2X ApplicationServer XG and Active Directory before retrieving the list of published applications.

Zero-Management Tokens

Zero-management second-level tokens can be created with no additional administration necessary.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On for both Servers and Workstations

SSL Security (SSL v3.0 with Strong Cipher)

Protect your network by setting up your Gateways the right way and get the full benefits of secure SSL-enabled connections, MAC address filtering and two factor authentication! 2X ApplicationServer XG v10.5 has an inbuilt Certificate Signing Request (CSR) process which generates the information the administrator needs to provide to the Certificate Authorities so that the correct certificate is delivered.

Two-Factor Authentication

Radius, SafeNet and Deepnet Unified Authentication integrate with 2X ApplicationServer XG as a multi-factor authentication platform for provisioning, managing and verifying user and host authentication methods, form-factors and user credentials.

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Client Support & Management

2XOS – Thin Client Operating System

The Linux-based, zero-management 2XOS can be distributed to thin clients on the network, using 2X ApplicationServer XG. Thin clients are able to connect through a 2X Secure Client Gateway to download and install 2XOS over PXE. 2XOS allows you to extend the life span of existing PCs by converting them to thin clients, providing considerable savings over time.

More about 2XOS

2X Client Version Control

You can ensure your users are running or have been upgraded to the latest 2X Client, or otherwise blocking access. You can also monitor listings for specific client types, such as restricting access to 2X Cloud Portal users.

More about 2X Client

Hardware & OS Independence

Access virtual desktops and applications from any desktop or mobile device, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), Cisco Cius, 2XOS, Wyse thin clients and more.

Windows Client Settings Provisioning

2X Client settings can be provisioned directly from the main console with the option to select which drives a user can redirect.

URL Redirection Blacklist

Administrators configure URLs that will not be redirected to the client and stay on the server.

Linux and Java Clients

RDP Connectivity for Linux and Java Clients.

2X ClientManager Module

2X Software is the first to offer Application Delivery and Virtual Desktop Management (VDI) with the integration of full Thin Client Management in a single software package. 2X ClientManager allows administrators to centrally manage user connections, thin client devices and PCs converted into thin clients using 2XOS. Simply upgrade your installation to ApplicationServer XG PLUS by purchasing the 2X ClientManager Module. This feature is also available in the trial version of 2X ApplicationServer XG.

More about 2X ClientManager

Server to Client Commands

Applications can be started on the client as instructed from the server session.

Universal Printing & Scanning

Print from Remote Applications & Desktops

Print to any local or network printer from remote applications and desktops. With the 2X Universal Printing feature, the printing process is greatly simplified. When using 2X Universal Printing, you will not need to install a specific printer driver on the server. You can allow multiple printers to be simultaneously redirected from client to server, and redirecting the same client hardware capabilities on the remote virtual printer, while also improving the Guest Agent and PC Agent Universal Printer performance.

Supported Formats

Universal Printing supports EMF, PDF and BMP formats, among others.

Scanning Redirection

Any TWAIN-enabled application can use local hardware for remote scanning, eliminating the need to install scanning drivers on the server.

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Required fonts are automatically deployed from the server to the client. This basically controls embedded fonts within the print job.

RAW Printing

RAW Printing is supported so applications that send RAW data format directly to the printer will work when the printer is redirected.

Monitoring, Reporting, Notifications

Server Monitoring

From the 2X ApplicationServer XG Console you can see all relevant server information displayed on the Information tab. This allows you to identify and fix errors before productivity is interrupted.


Track all changes through an audit log recording all 2X environment modifications.

Error Notifications

Immediate notifications are provided via email or SMS when farm problems are detected.

Monitor the status, resources and activities of you servers


User-Based Licensing

Unlike traditional fixed pricing per server plans, the new flexible per user licensing program enables customers and partners to leverage a user-based licensing model. Companies can now quickly and easily deploy 2X ApplicationServer XG with a simple, straightforward licensing model that delivers virtual desktops and applications all in a single, user-based license to keep companies connected anytime, anywhere.

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