Download 2X ApplicationServer XG

Three steps is all you need:

Step 1: Download the files needed for the server

2X ApplicationServer XG 11.0.1933msi

If you require web access and use IIS, you can install one of the following:

2X Cloud Portal 11.0.1900msi
2X Cloud Portal 64-bit 11.0.1900msi

Java Client

2X Java Client 11.0.1808zip

Step 2: Download the client installation file depending on the operating system of your client


2X Client for Windows 11.0.1933msi
2X Client for Windows 64-bit 11.0.1933msi
2X Client for Windows Portable (ZIP) 11.0.1933zip
2X Client for Windows 64 - bit Portable (ZIP) 11.0.1933zip
2X Client for Windows Portable (EXE) 11.0.1933exe
2X Client for Windows 64 - bit Portable (EXE) 11.0.1933exe

2X LifeCycle Plus

2X LifeCycle Plus 11.0.1932msi
2X LifeCycle Plus 64-bit 11.0.1932msi


2X Client for Linux ( DEB ) 11.0.1892deb
2X Client for Linux ( RPM ) 11.0.1892rpm
2X Client for Linux ( TAR.bz2 ) 11.0.1892bz2
2X Client SSO for Linux (DEB) 11.0.1892deb


OS X Leopard (10.5) 10.1.1263dmg
OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or later. 11.0.1897market


2X iPhone / iPad Client 11.0.1936market


2X Client for Android 11.0.1899apk
2X Client for Android (Google Play) 11.0.1899market

Windows Phone

2X Client for Windows Phone 11.0.1939market


2X Client for Blackberry10.6.1504market

Chrome Desktop Browser

2X Client for Chrome11.0.1908market

Windows Portable Client

2X Client for U311.0.1933u3p
2X Client for PortableApps11.0.1933exe

Windows Embedded Systems

2X Client for Windows CE 11.0.1821CAB
XP Embedded Client component11.0.1933zip
2X Client for Windows CE (ARM) 11.0.1821CAB
2X Client for Windows CE (Handheld ARM) 11.0.1824CAB
2X Client for Windows CE (Handheld ARM Symbol) 11.0.1824CAB
2X Client for Windows CE (ARM Symbol) 11.0.1821CAB

Step 3: Optional

2X VDI Agents

2X VDI Agent ( RPM )10.5.1368rpm
2X VDI Agent ( DEB )10.5.1368deb
2X VDI Agent ( SH )10.5.1368sh
2X VDI Agent 64-bit ( RPM )10.5.1368rpm
2X VDI Agent 64-bit ( DEB )10.5.1368deb
2X VDI Agent 64-bit ( SH )10.5.1368sh

VDI Agent Appliances

VMware vSphere/ESXi VDI Agent Appliance10.6.1434zip
Citrix XenServer VDI Agent Appliance10.0.1162zip
Virtual Iron VDI Agent Appliance10.0.1162zip
Parallels VDI Agent Appliance10.0.1162zip
Parallels v5 VDI Agent Appliance10.1.1224zip
vSphere VDI Agent Appliance10.6.1434zip


Latest (Default)7.3.13004market
Latest (HW Specific)7.3.13004market
Legacy XOrg7.3.13004market

If you do not know which version of the OS is needed by your device, please visit the 2XOS download page.

More about 2XOS Download 2XOS

Step 4: Integration Tools

2X Web Portal Sample11.0.1900zip
2X HTTP Requestor10.0.1162zip
2X Scripting10.1.1224zip

R3– This version uses an X.Org 7.5.
R2 – This version uses an X.Org 7.4.
R1 – This version should be used for legacy hardware (Hardware manufactured before 2007).

You can choose between the Full or Compact version of the OS. The Full version is available with applications such as a Web Browser, Skype, a PDF Reader, Java Runtime and a Media Player. The Compact version of the OS is designed for thin clients with limited resources and does not have any local applications.


Previous Versions

Download a previous version of 2X ApplicationServer XG.

Previous Versions

Beta Version

Download the latest beta version of 2X ApplicationServer XG

2X ApplicationServer XG Beta 11.1.2008


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