If you still rely on old versions of Metaframe/Presentation Server, consider how the following product weaknesses could affect your company’s application delivery:

  • No security and product updates are available.
  • No product technical support.
  • No new upgrade features are available.
  • No use of current encryption standards.
  • Products are 5-6 times slower than current solutions.
  • No new platforms (Windows Server 2008 R2, iPad, Android) are supported.

With 2X ApplicationServer XG, you can fully support both older and recent Microsoft Terminal Server environments for a fraction of the cost of a Citrix XenApp upgrade, complete with Citrix-like product functionality.

Consider Switching to 2X ApplicationServer XG

Free Silver Support2X Software is offering you the chance to cross-upgrade from Citrix MetaFrame or Citrix Presentation Server to 2X ApplicationServer XG. This offer will also include 2 years of FREE Maintenance and Silver Support.

Compare Features Compare Pricing

Find out how 2X ApplicationServer XG, the most popular and cost-effective Citrix alternative, can be your lifeline.

Fisher & Company

Auto parts manufacturer Fisher & Company managed to reduce their expenses for application delivery by 86% from $108,000 to $12,000 including 3 years of maintenance by replacing their Citrix solution with 2X ApplicationServer XG.

Managed Insurance Services, Inc.

“When you compare our total cost of ownership with what we were paying using Citrix, there’s really no comparison.”

Intuitive Medical Software

“Using our 2X ApplicationServer XG solution rather than Citrix licenses allows us to grow up rather than out.”

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